How Long do Carbon Filters Last? A Look at the Average Lifespan

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, adequate airflow is a key component. If you know how to set up grow tent ventilation, you know how important it is to protect the air quality in your grow room. Along with the best inline duct fan or best booster duct fan, you may be in search of a high-quality carbon filter to complete your ventilation system. 

Carbon filters are an excellent choice for cannabis growing. They are extremely efficient and tend to be one of the most affordable ventilation options. So, what is the lifespan of carbon filters, and how long do carbon filters last? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how long you can use carbon filters. 

Why Does it Matter How Long Carbon Filters are Good for?

Carbon filters are an essential component of your indoor grow room or tent. They help to filter the air, eliminating odors and VOCs including formaldehyde. When you purchase a new set of carbon filters, you may be wondering “how long are carbon filters good for?” and more specifically “how long do carbon filters last in grow tents?” Read on for a breakdown of the importance of your carbon filter’s lifespan. 

Make the Most of Your Investment

Before purchasing a carbon filter for your grow room’s ventilation system, you will probably want to know how long it will last. Although carbon filters are known to be one of the most affordable air filtration options, you’ll still want to make the most of your investment with a filter that holds up for a substantial amount of time. 

Replace Your Filter at the Right Time to Prevent Crop Contamination & Keep Your Grow Discreet

With the knowledge of how long your carbon filter should last, you can take the necessary action to replace it with a new one in time. When a carbon filter is used for too long past its lifespan, it can begin to have a reverse effect. An old filter can circulate contaminants back into the air in your space, ruining the crops you’ve worked hard to grow. 

Along with ensuring the air is clean in your grow room, carbon filters get rid of lingering odors that can bring attention to your cannabis farm. Growing marijuana can be a very profitable venture. In addition, it’s a product that many people are looking to get their hands on one way or another.

When you leave your cannabis plants exposed, you are vulnerable to theft from humans or animals. A great quality carbon filter working in peak condition can prevent these issues, which is why it’s essential to stay on top of filter replacement. 

What is the Lifespan of the Carbon Filters Affected By?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question “how long are carbon filters good for?” or “what is the lifespan of carbon filters?.” The actual lifespan of your carbon filter will depend on the brand and product that you choose. With unique combinations of materials and features, each filter will have its own recommended lifespan. However, there are a few key factors that determine how long carbon filters will last across different models. 

How Hard the Filter Has to Work to Remove Impurities from the Air

The thickness of the carbon bed contributes to the efficiency of the carbon filter. If the filter has to work extra hard to remove impurities from the air, it can accumulate more wear and tear than usual. Thinner carbon filters are typically cheaper than alternatives and tend to need more frequent replacement. 

The Quality of the Carbon Filter in Question

The quality of the carbon filter has a large effect on how long it will last. There are a few components under the general umbrella of quality, including the type of carbon, the thickness or depth of the carbon bed, and the overall quality of the housing that holds the carbon. 

There are many types of carbon that can be used to make a filter, and it’s important to know the difference. The grade of the coal should be accessible information before you buy. Be aware that many cheap brands use carbon pellets made of lower-quality coal. These products cost much less than the alternatives but will need to be replaced much more frequently. 

As mentioned previously, the thickness of the carbon bed plays a huge role in the efficiency and quality of a carbon filter. Thick carbon beds will generally last the longest, in combination with other factors. 

The quality of the housing is the final key factor to take into consideration. A quality filter will push air through the carbon bed alone. When there are gaps in the seams or seals of the filter, the air is able to pass through without being treated by the carbon. This will result in unfiltered air circulating in your grow room, defeating the purpose of the carbon filter altogether. 

So, How Long do Carbon Filters Last in Grow Tents or Other Horticultural Practices?

With all this in mind, you may be wondering "how long do carbon filters last in grow tents, specifically?" In a warm and dry climate, 24 months is the maximum lifetime of a carbon filter. This decreases to 12-24 months in colder locations with more humidity. 

Humid conditions are not ideal, as the carbon can begin to clump inside the filter causing air pockets. In these areas, usage should not exceed 80% before switching. 

Overall, the lifespan of a carbon filter will depend on usage and environmental factors. A grow tent with 14-20 plants taking up the entire space will have more odors and VOCs to control, whereas a smaller growing application will require less filtration and can result in a longer lifespan. 

While carbon filters are used primarily for cannabis growing, they are also popular in industrial uses, meat packing facilities, laser engraving and 3D printing shops and other applications that produce fumes and odors. In some of these use cases, filters may need replacement after 6-8 months of usage in extreme conditions which involve air filtration on premises with constant release of VOCs.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Increase the Carbon Filter Lifespan? 

Most carbon filters come with a predefined lifespan that should not be ignored. In order to avoid contaminating your plants or exposing your operation, you will need to be on top of filter replacement for a steady supply of clean air. In some cases, the lifespan of a carbon filter can be extended slightly in a couple of ways. 

The first thing you can do to get the most use out of your new carbon filter is to choose a quality product. As explained previously, filters made of high-quality carbon with a thick bed and no gaps will hold up the longest. 

If you’re looking for ways to increase the lifespan of a carbon filter you’ve already purchased, caring for your unit properly may have a positive effect on how long you can use it. We recommend always using the included cloth pre-filters in order to capture any large dust particles and plant debris (leaves, etc)  before they get a chance to infiltrate into the carbon canister and start clogging the airflow.

We recommend washing the pre-filters and air drying them every 30 days. Since we include 2 pre-filters in each set with a TerraBloom carbon filter, you can rotate them to extend the overall lifespan of the carbon filter. Use one filter at a time and wash the other one as soon as it starts looking dirty. If you’d prefer to obtain an additional set of pre-filters we do offer them for purchase separately from the carbon filter canisters. 

It is not possible to wash the filter canister itself as the carbon inside will adsorb water and clog together causing air gaps in the carbon bed. These gaps will allow for untreated air to seep through and escape without filtration. 

Find the Most Effective, Long-Lasting Carbon Filters for Growers at TerraBloom

When you need effective, long-lasting carbon filters for your grow room, you can count on TerraBloom for the best products in the industry. Cannabis growers trust us with top-quality air carbon filters.  

While most competitor filters are between 32 and 38 mm thick, TerraBloom filters are 46 mm. Our filters also  have thicker walls than the competition, measuring 1.8” compared to 1.2-1.3”. This makes a significant difference in the lifespan of each unit, as our filters contain a higher quantity of better carbon than other products you may find from Vivosun and other economy Chinese brands on Amazon which try to cut costs in every possible ways. 

Each filter comes with 2 pre-filters that are machine washable for extended use. Our products feature easy installation and a sleek design to integrate with your space. We guarantee satisfaction, with a 90-day warranty for any defects.

Our filters are constructed with top-grade loose carbon which adsorb impurities throughout the whole surface area, compared to cheaper products using carbon pellets shaped into cylinder-shaped rods. Such rod shaped pellets are less-effective because the bulk of the rod pellet is covered by an adhesive that does not adsorb impurities, only the top and bottom section of the rod has the capacity for air filtration. 

We offer premium carbon filters at an affordable price in the following sizes to fit any growing space: 4” carbon filters, 6” carbon filters, 8” carbon filters, 10” carbon filters, 12” carbon filters. Learn more about the best carbon filter for cannabis in our related article.

How Long do Carbon Filters Last? Wrapping Things Up

So, what is the lifespan of carbon filters, and how long do carbon filters last? To summarize, the usage you get out of your carbon filter will depend on its efficiency and quality. Efficiency refers to how hard the filter has to work to clean the air, and quality is determined by materials, thickness, and housing construction. 

Another frequently asked question is “how long do carbon filters last in grow tents?” The general recommendation is to replace a carbon filter after a maximum of 24 months. This is the case in perfect warm and dry conditions, while colder and more humid weather will require a new filter within 12-24 months. Constant filtration under extreme conditions or in large areas can present the need for replacement after 6-8 months. 

When you need affordable carbon filters for your space, TerraBloom has the best solutions. We offer high-quality air ventilation products for your home and garden that won’t break the bank. 

Shop at TerraBloom for all of your carbon filter, industrial inline duct fans, and booster duct fan needs. 

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