What are the Best Carbon Filters for Grow Rooms in 2022?

Any grower working in the cannabis business knows that a quality harvest is dependent on a well optimized, high-performing grow room. This begins with knowing how to set up grow tent ventilation to ensure that your plants remain in stable, predictable environmental conditions from start to finish. 

This can be achieved by using the best carbon filters on the market. A carbon filter can play a huge role in ensuring that your plants remain healthy. Read on to learn which carbon filters are the best for grow rooms in 2022. 

The Role Your Carbon Filter Plays in the Grow Room

A carbon filter is integral to the management of a grow room, especially when it comes to the smell. The smell of cannabis is highly distinctive and incredibly difficult to control. With the smell’s tendency to cling heavily to virtually any surface, being able to flush out the fumes and maintain discretion can be tough. 

The best carbon filters for smell use activated charcoal that is designed to draw in and trap the substances responsible for the uniquely potent scent of cannabis.

Why Your Growing Space Needs the Best Carbon Filter for Smell

You need the best carbon filter for smell for one simple reason: cheaper carbon filters will be made using a little bit less of everything that makes them so useful. This means thinner materials and inferior parts that burn out faster, or filters that diminish their capacity for cleaning the air. 

If this is the case, a filter will last less than twelve months, with more variation depending on the conditions in the grow tent. Knowing the quality of the materials, from the components of the fans to the quality of the charcoal itself, can make all the difference between a good purchase and a bad one. 

Even if you pay less per filter for a cheaper product, you’ll spend more than you would have with a higher-quality filter that uses better components, simply because you’re paying for something designed to be replaced less often.

Knowing all of this, it’s also important to have a decent idea of how the conditions in your tent will impact the filter. The best carbon filters for smell and indoor growing can last two years or more, provided that the conditions are rather ideal: the more warm and dry the grow room is, the less work the filter will need to do, thus allowing it to remain operational for longer. As humidity increases, even the best carbon filters will see a drop in lifespan. 

Numerous other factors will impact how long your carbon filter lasts as well, such as the functionality of other parts of the ventilation system, or the number of plants being grown at any given time.

What Makes the Best Carbon Filters for Indoor Growing? Buying Guide

When buying carbon filters for your indoor grow room, there are several factors to consider to choose the best product. Below, we will describe some of the key points you should pay attention to before you buy. 

Quality of the carbon 

The first thing to look for is the quality of the carbon. If the charcoal isn’t good, the filter just isn’t going to perform the way it is needed for your indoor growing needs. A good filter includes carbon thick enough to handle everyday usage, trapping unwanted smells day in and day out without fail. 

Thickness of the carbon bed 

Inferior products use thinner pieces of carbon in their filters to cut down on manufacturing costs, which in turn requires purchasers to replace their components more frequently. Also, remember that the thickness of the carbon needs to match the overall quality of the charcoal as well. If the coal is a lower grade, such as the pellets used in cheaper models, it will need more frequent replacement.

Adequacy of filter housing 

If the filtration components are good, also keep in mind that the filter needs adequate housing to keep everything together and working. Even a good filter will inevitably put some strain on all of the housing, increasing the likelihood of failure. 

Good housing can take the strain from its first day to its last, ensuring that you get the longest lifespan possible out of your carbon filter. Gaps and openings in the filter can allow for more free circulation of air, which ultimately defeats the purpose. 

Lifespan of the filter 

The best carbon filters are far less likely to allow unfiltered components into the air. The best carbon filters for indoor growing, even in ideal conditions, still have a limited lifespan. It’s best to follow manufacturer guidelines for the health of any plants, as well as the discretion of the operation. 

Growing cannabis without the necessary level of discretion comes with its own set of risks, so choosing the best carbon filters that can eliminate smells with the longest lifespan possible will benefit you in the long run. 

So - What are the Best Carbon Filters for Grow Rooms in 2022?

On the market right now, the definitive winner of the best carbon filter would be these cannabis carbon filters from TerraBloom. We’re so confident in our filters, that we offer up a free three-month warranty on all of our filtration products, although our customers are extremely unlikely ever to need it. 

What Makes TerraBloom the #1 Choice for the Best Carbon Air Filters?

A TerraBloom Activated Carbon Air Filter boasts premium materials that put our product ahead of the pack. Our forty-six-millimeter carbon bed is 20-30% thicker than other manufacturers. With a considerable amount more high-performing granular activated carbon, a Terrabloom filter is built to last longer and eliminate smells quickly and efficiently. 

We use only steel-mesh walls with high airflow and dense cloth filters that prevent any smells being filtered from reentering the grow site. A Terrabloom device is made to work for you. We created it to be versatile and fit your unique needs. Some might need to use the filter for their outgoing exhaust or their intake. A cannabis grower might make use of the exhaust feature, preventing the smell from lingering too long and potentially drawing unwanted attention. 

TerraBloom understands how important it is to keep any facility well-ventilated, be it cannabis growing, meatpacking, or even metal foundries. Properly fitted ventilation can be necessary for the safety of a product, the people who create it, or both. 

For a versatile approach to ventilation, TerraBloom is proud to offer the vertical farming ventilation fan system, designed to be used to manage the hyper-specific needs of cannabis plants. With detailed FAQs dedicated to any questions that you might have, TerraBloom is the one-stop shop for top-quality ventilation. 

We have the products you need to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace. There’s no better company from whom to shop than one who cares about your work as much as you do.

All the Different Sizes We Offer

TerraBloom understands that different setups will invariably require different sizes. We offer numerous sizes, including 4” carbon filters, 6” carbon filters, 8”carbon filters, 10” carbon filters, and 12” carbon filters

Knowing the size of the filter that you’ll need can make the difference in not only how long your new TerraBloom carbon filter will last, but also how well it will work. 

If it’s working too hard in a space too large with too much going on, it’ll burn out faster, so always be sure to customize your setup with the right size of carbon filter so that any smells produced are always effectively whisked away.

We’ve Got Your Other Ventilation Needs Covered, Too!

TerraBloom isn’t partial only to cannabis, but any industry with some heavy-duty stenches that need to not be allowed to roam freely. From meatpackers to laser engravers, any industry that produces a lot of smoke or smells can make good use of a TerraBloom filter. There’s a reason why we lead the industry: we genuinely care about making high-quality products, offered at affordable prices. 

Smoke isn’t great for people’s lungs, and TerraBloom’s activated carbon filter can draw out and trap potentially hazardous air pollutants, minimizing the risk to the health of workers. We can also supply mining rig ventilation solutions for crypto. Moisture and heat are terrible for computer components, as too much of either will either damage or, more likely, destroy them. 

For your health and peace of mind, TerraBloom is here to help with superior ventilation products. Shop with us for industrial inline duct fans and the best duct fan booster on the market to make sure that your ventilation systems are up to par.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New Filter

By replacing your filter, you work proactively in managing your grow room. For the most part, activated charcoal filters don’t benefit from maintenance. Some growers will try to wash the filter itself with water, but the best carbon filters use minuscule grains of charcoal small enough to catch tiny things that most other filters wouldn’t catch. 

Given how intricate of a system it is, there’s little evidence to support that washing can improve the lifespan of activated charcoal. A quality filter may work against you in that case, holding onto water and becoming moldy. 

Following manufacturer guidelines will almost always be considered the best practice. Additionally, knowing what size intake fan for grow room can help determine the lifespan of the filter. 

Moisture is the enemy of the filter, and having a room properly outfitted with an intake fan of suitable size will help to diminish the presence of moisture in the air by drawing in fresh air for the grow room. By following recommendations and ensuring that your space is well-ventilated, you can get the most out of your new filter.

Final Thoughts on the Best Carbon filters for Grow Rooms in 2022

TerraBloom understands how vital it is to protect the health of your workers, and to maintain the function of your growing operation, no matter how big or small. Knowing how to properly ventilate a space is an excellent place to start, and we know ventilation better than anybody else. 

Shop with TerraBloom for the best carbon filters on the market, and all your other ventilation-related needs. 

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