TerraBloom Programmable Thermostat Speed Controller with Temperature Probe For ECMF Series Fans

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$ 45.99
  • SUPPORTED FAN MODELS: ECMF-100, ECMF-150, ECMF-200, ECMF-250 and ECMF-315. This controller does not support remote controlled ECMF-R series fans.
  • COMPATIBILITY: This thermostat speed controller is designed to work with TerraBloom's ECMF fans. Please check your ECMF fan speed controller wire jack to determine compatibility with this thermostat controller. Your fan must have a 3.5mm TRRS jack cable/socket to be compatible with this unit. See product images for details.
  • SMART PROGRAMMING: This thermostat speed controller can automatically change the speed of your ECMF series fans according to your programmed parameters
  • THERMAL PROBE: Our smart controller monitors the surrounding temperature using the supplied thermal probe and reacts to changes in the environment by increasing or decreasing the airflow in your ventilated space
  • CONNECT UP TO 4 FANS: You can connect up to 4 ECMF fans to each smart speed controller simultaneously
  • MULTIPLE OPERATING MODES: Keep the speed constant or adjust it based on the changes in the environment, this intelligent speed controller has an option that will fit your ventilation needs

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What is included in set with the device?

1.1x TerraBloom Smart Speed controller SKU: SC-ECMF 2. 1xThermal Probe with 3.5mm TRRS connection jack (16 FT long) 3. Set of anchors and screws for wall installation

How do I connect this speed controller device to my ECMF fan?

TerraBloom Smart Speed Controller connects to the 3.5mm TRRS socket on the side of your fan using the 3.5mm TRRS speed controller wire supplied in set with each fan

How long is the thermal probe wire?

TerraBloom Smart Speed Controller's thermal probe wire is 16 FT long and therefore you can measure the temperature in the environment up to 16 FT away from the actual fan. This wire can be extended to up to 32 FT length using a 3.5mm TRRS extension wire with male-to-female jacks.

Can this controller automatically adjust the speed of my ECMF fan?

Yes, this smart thermostat speed controller can turn the fan on and off and change its speeds based on your programmable input settings and temperature probe readings

Can the fan remain in standby mode unless the temperature in the surrounding environment reaches a certain threshold?

Yes, using this smart thermostat speed controller you can program your fan to remain in standby mode (Speed Level 0) unless the temperature increases over a certain level. In a similar way, you can program the fan to operate at a low speed setting (Level 0-3) and provide a constant draft in your ventilated space unless the temperature increases past a certain level triggering an increase in the fan’s speed.

How often does the temperature probe updates the data?

Temperature probe updates every 5 seconds.

How many fans can I control simultaneously with one thermostat?

You can use one thermostat with up to 4 fans. The same speed setting will be applied to all of the fans connected to the speed controller. You can't have a different  set of parameters applied to each individual fan.

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