TerraBloom 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan "Low Noise" Series. 47 CFM HVAC Quiet Mixed Flow Energy Efficient Blower

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PACKAGE CONTENTS: 4” Mixed Flow Duct Fan, Instructions Manual. 4 Inch Diameter x 6 Inch Length, 6 Foot Grounded Power Cord, Mounting Bracket for Flat Surface Mounting With Hardware

HOUSEHOLD APPLICATIONS: Engineered in Germany, this Premium Built Inline Fan Designed To Exhaust and Intake Air Through 4" Ducts in a Quietest Way Possible. Sound Pressure Level at Full Speed is 25 dB(A) Only

GROW ROOM APPLICATIONS: Use It As Intake Fan to Bring Fresh Air to Grow Rooms, Circulate Air Inside Grow Tent, Provide Additional Airflow around LEDs or Lights Under 400W

VENTILATION SPECS: Airflow 47 CFM, Power 9W, Voltage 120V, Speed 2250 RPM, 0.11Amps. For Indoor Use Only in Environment With Max Temperatures Not Exceeding 113F. This fan is not suitable for fireplace or furnace applications

TerraBloom 4 Inch Duct Fan Low Noise Series Description

TerraBloom "LowNoise" Series 4" Inch Fan (Model: LN-DBF-4, UPC: 858355007034 ) is a super silent duct fan for small to medium spaces.

This duct fan delivers 47 CFM of Air Movement while using only 9 Watts of Power. That is at least 30% savings over the same size fans in the same category. Depending on your location this fan pays for itself in energy cost savings within 12-24 months

When operated at full speed, this inline fan generates only 25 dBa of noise, which is as quiet as ambient noise in a suburban home or less than half of the volume of a regular tone conversation

This duct fan is engineered and assembled in Germany of local and imported parts

This fan is not waterproof and not suitable for outdoors applications


We stand behind our products and provide a 2 Year Warranty on this inline fan. Please contact us through Amazon for Warranty Service, and we will process it for you without extra hassle.


Buyer acknowledges that by purchasing TerraBloom products, the buyer has special knowledge on installation and use of the product or has consulted a professional on the product's installation and use. As with any electrical appliance, the buyer should exercise caution at all times when operating this fan

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