TerraBloom Dual Stage Beer Keg CO2 Pressure Regulator For 2 Simultaneous Keg Connections

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$ 79.99
  • HEAVY DUTY WITH TRIPLE GAUGES: TerraBloom 2 Stage CO2 Pressure Regulator is a heavy duty unit made with triple gauges to accurately measure working pressure in 2 systems simultaneously and 1 gauge showing CO2 tank pressure.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: This CO2 Regulator fits all standard CO2 tanks with CGA-320 inlets. You can adjust the working pressure in both of your systems via a control knobs in the front. Gas Shut Off Valve for easy keg/tank swaps. Safety Pressure relieve valve/Chrome Shut Off Valve to prevent beer from backing up into the gas lines.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: All you need to install this CO2 Pressure Regulator is an adjustable wrench. Each unit is supplied with 2 O-ring washers. Always place a washer between the lock-down nut and the tank to ensure a tight seal. Replace washers regularly.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Works with 15.5 Gallon Kegs, 5 Gallon Kegs, 1.75 Mini Kegs, Half Barrels and Quarter Barrel Units. Barbed Gas Outlet Fitting Allows easy connection to many gas line types.
  • WARRANTY: TerraBloom 30-day money back guarantee. 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.

TerraBloom 2 Stage CO2 Regulator is specifically designed for simultaneous use with 2 draft beer/kombucha setups (kegs or fermentation tanks). This CO2 regulator is equipped with 3 gauge displays: 1 for showing the working pressure in your 1st keg or fermentation tank, 1 for showing working pressure in your 2nd keg or fermentation tank, as well as 1 for showing the pressure in your CO2 tank. This regulator attaches to standard North American CO2 gas tanks with a male thread (standard CGA-320 connection). Red knobs on the regulator lets you adjust the working pressure without any additional tools in each individual kegs/fermentation tanks.

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