TerraBloom Rubber Extension Cords 15 FT, 12/3 Outdoor Rated - Rubber, Flexible, Triple Outlet, Black Wire with Live Power Light Indicator. 15 Amp

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$ 21.99
  • SUPERIOR FLEXIBILITY: Our Newly Upgraded 15 Foot 12 Gauge (AWG) Black Heavy Duty Extension Cords Are Made with Thermoplastic Elastomer (SJEOW TPE) Jacket Which Provides Moisture, Oil and Abrasion Resistance All Coupled with Unparalleled Flexibility in Below Freezing Cold Temperatures (-35F to 125F Degrees)
  • TRIPLE OUTLET: LED Lighted Multi Tap Design Lets You Use Up to 3 Appliances/Tools at The Same Time. LED Indicator Lights Up When the Cord is Powered
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: SJEOW Jacket Makes This Extension Cable Suitable for Use Indoors and Outdoors in Your Garden, Garage, Backyard, Construction Job Site, etc. This Power Wire Resists Moisture, Cracks and Scratches Even in Harsh Cold Conditions
  • HEAVY DUTY: Rated up to 1875 Watts, 15 Amps and Can Handle Heavy Duty Appliances, such as Power Tools, Snow Equipment, Lawn Mowers, De-Icing Equipment, Centrifugal Fans, Grow Lights, etc
  • SAFETY AND WARRANTY: UL Listed. 30 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy. Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Why SJEOW TPE Power Cords Are Better Than SJTW Vinyl Power Cords?

Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as TPE or Thermoplastic Rubber, is a combination of plastic and rubber. TPE is a durable compound and can handle temperature extremes very well while remaining ultra flexible. TPE cable is resistant against aging in the sunlight, UV and ozone. TPE has a high-flex rating, which makes it a compound of choice for products which require superior flexibility and resistance against rips, abrasions, tears and other use related damage. TPE Compound costs 20% more than Vinyl, but provides significantly more value over the long term use. TerraBloom TPE Extension Cords are made for heavy duty use in harsh environments

What Does This Extension Cord's Classification Stands For

SJEOW Class Stands for S = Service; J = Junior (which means hard service instead of extra hard); E = Elastomer Jacket; O = Oil Resistant; W = All Weather Approved

Which Part Of The Extension Cord Has a Light Indicator

Each TerraBloom Extension Cord Contains an LED Power Indicator Inside the Tripe Tap Outlet Receptacle. You Won't Need To Walk All The Way Back to The Power Outlet to Check Whether Your Extension Cord is Powered, The Indicator On The Extension Cord Will Show You When The Extension Is Powered

Safety Ratings

All TerraBloom Extension Cords are made with NEMA 5-15 Molded Plugs. Our cords are designed to meet OSHA Requirements for Indoor/Outdoor Use. TerraBloom Extension Cords are UL Listed

Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

We'll Replace Any Of Our Extension Cords Found Defective For Manufacturing Reasons Free Of Charge Regardless of The Purchase Date


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