TerraBloom Argon/CO2 Regulator - Welding Gas Flowmeter For TIG MIG - Brass Construction Flow Meter For Argon and CO2 Welder Tanks CGA580

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  • ARGON REGULATOR FOR WELDING: TerraBloom Argon Gas Flow Meter Regulator is Designed for Professional TIG/MIG Welding Applications. It Provides an Easy and Accurate Way to Adjust Gas Flow Between 10-60 CFH.
  • ARGON FLOWMETER WITH PRESSURE GAUGE: In addition to allowing to adjust gas flow rate, our Argon CO2/Argon flowmeter contains a pressure gauge that shows the current gas tank pressure. It allows you to monitor how much gas left in the tank and when tanks need to be swapped
  • TIG/MIG FLOWMETER INSTALLATION: TerraBloom Welding Pressure Regulator Seamlessly Connects To Standard Argon/Helium/CO2 Tanks with CGA-580 Inlet Connection. Welding Hose Can Be Connected via 9/16 - RH Male Fitting or 5/8 - RH Male Fitting (Via Included Adapter)
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS FOR CGA-580 Tanks: This Gas Pressure Regulator/Flowmeter Can Be Used with Argon, Helium and CO2 Gas Tanks (CGA-580 Inlet)
  • WARRANTY: Covered by TerraBloom's 30-day money back guarantee. 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Argon/CO2 Flowmeter with Pressure Regulator For TIG MIG Welding. Light Duty Brass Flow Meter For Argon/CO2 and Helium tanks with CGA-580 inlets.

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