TerraBloom MFIF-6, 6", 395 CFM, 70W Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller

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VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Use this 6" Inline Fan as Exhaust Fan, Intake Fan, Vent Fan, Extractor Fan, Etc. Great Choice For Indoor Gardens, Grow Tents, Attics and Basements

DUCT FAN DIMENSIONS: 11.5" (L) x 8" (W) x 8" (H), 5.5 Lbs. Connects to 6 Inch Ducts

TECH SPECS: Airflow 395 CFM, Power 70W, Current 0.58A, Speed 2400 RPM, Fan Speed Controller Built Into the Power Cord, ETL Certified

FAN DESIGN: Made from ABS Plastic, This Inline Fan Weights Only 5.5 Lb., It Is Equipped With Built-In Speed Controller Which Allows To Slow Fan's Motor From 100% Output Down To 50% to Minimize Noise

INSTALLATION: This Ventilation Fan Comes With An Installation Bracket Indicating the Direction Of the Airflow. Bracket has Different Openings in the Front and Back to Ensure Installation in the Correct Direction

TerraBloom 6" Inline Fan (Model TB-MFIF-6) is a versatile duct fan for a wide range of applications. It can be used to extract odors from enclosed environments and is powerful enough to pull air through Carbon Filters (Scrubbers) of sizes 6" x 20" or less. When using this unit with a filter, attach the fan as close to the filter as possible, pull air through the filter and out of the desired area (instead of pushing air into the filter). Keep the amount of elbows or turns in the ducting to the minimum. Each turn/elbow in ducting reduces the airflow output. This ventilation fan can also be used as an intake fan to supply fresh air from the outside, as well as mitigate unwanted moisture and stale air in the attics and basements. Due to its compact dimensions and light weight this duct fan is easy to install. This inline fan has removable duct ends to make maintenance and cleaning easier.

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