TerraBloom Extension Wire For ECMF Series Fan Speed Controllers 16 FT TRRS 3.5mm Jacks Extension (Male-to-Female Ports)

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$ 9.99
  • This extension speed controller wire features a 16 ft cable length with a 3.5mm TRRS jack on one end and a 3.5mm female TRRS socket on the another end. 
  • Extends speed controller wire for ECMF fans by 16 ft for the total maximum length of 32 FT. 
  • Also works to extend the length of the temperature probe in the thermostat speed controller (model: SC-ECMF) from 16 FT to 32 FT.
  • ECMF Series fans support a maximum wire length of 32 FT, the use of two-wire extensions (over 32 FT in total) will interfere with the fan's speed. 

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