Introducing the SJEOW Cord: Say Goodbye to Stiff Extension Cords With Coil Memory!

Want to learn about SJEOW extension cords - and what separates them from traditional vinyl cords you may be used to dealing with? You’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have an incredible selection of durable, versatile SJEOW cords on our website. But today, we’ll explain what they can do for you.

If you have experience using extension cords, especially in a cold climate, you’ve probably had your fair share of frustration due to stiffness and cracking. Or, maybe you’ve dealt with annoying coil memory. The truth is, all of these problems can become a thing of the past with the right type of extension cord.

This is where our SJEOW cord comes in. This is the #1 flexible outdoor-rated extension cord.

A high-quality SJEOW cord eliminates these problems and more, proving to be especially useful in a multitude of applications and industries. Keep reading to learn more about why you need one! First, we’ll explain what “SJEOW” stands for.. 

What is an SJEOW Extension Cord, Exactly?

An SJEOW cord, or SJTW TPE as it is classified in Canada, is a highly durable extension cord made of thermoplastic TPE rubber (thermoplastic elastomer). This material combines rubber and plastic, making it resistant to damage without losing flexibility. 

Each letter in the term SJEOW stands for a unique property: 

  • S - Service 
  • J - Junior 
  • E - Elastomer Jacket 
  • O - Oil Resistant 
  • W - All Weather Approved 

This type of cord is beneficial in various use cases, with a TPE rubber coating that allows it to remain flexible in cold weather conditions while retaining minimal coil memory with frequent winding and unwinding. They are better than vinyl SJT or SJTW power cords for any purpose, from outdoor holiday decorations to emergency generator power supply distribution during outages to all-weather construction job sites. 

For professionals who use long extension cords on a daily basis, the usability of the cords plays a huge role. With cheaper vinyl SJTW cords, which stiffen up in cold weather and become difficult to wind and unwind, the time lost dealing with the extension cords turns into lost time, productivity and revenue. 

The Significance of SJEOW Cords: Why You Need These

An SJEOW extension cord will singlehandedly improve your operation in several ways. It’s worth the investment for a seamless experience year-round. So, what makes these cords desirable, and how do they stack up against the competition? Let’s see how SJEOW cords compare to cheaper SJT/SJTW alternatives sold online. 


The TPE rubber that makes up the exterior of SJEOW cords is highly durable, allowing you to get a sizable return on your investment through long-term use. A basic SJTW-rated extension cord, on the other hand, lacks the “O” for oil resistance. Similarly, the “T” in STJW indicates that it’s made of a vinyl coating. 

When you frequently wind up one of these cheap extension cords after using it, coil memory will cause it to bend permanently, retaining this shape even when you need it to lay flat on the ground. This is not feasible for professionals or anyone who relies on using an extension cord daily, which is why SJEOW cords are so much better. 


The durability of an SJEOW cord also refers to its weather-resistant properties. When placed outside for extended periods (or indefinitely), the TPE rubber coating will not be susceptible to any aging from direct sunlight, ozone exposure, or damage from UV rays. Specifically, SJEOW cords can handle temperatures as low as 35 degrees F and up to 125 degrees F. 


There are tons of cheap extension cord products on the market, but you get what you pay for. While SJEOW cords tend to be 20% more expensive than alternatives made from vinyl, the quality matches the price increase. When you invest in an SJEOW cord, you can rest assured nothing will interrupt your power needs or daily operations.

Other Advantages of Our Extension Cords

TerraBloom considered the common problems you face when dealing with extension cords on a daily basis. We addressed these when designing the best SJEOW cord on the market. Below, we’ll get into some additional features of our SJEOW extension cord. 

Triple Tap Outlet

Why have one when you could have three? The triple tap outlet on our SJEOW cord allows you to plug in up to three appliances simultaneously, which is especially useful to power complex power needs. 

Power Indicator

Our extension cord has a light indicator so you can tell if power is going through or not. It’s located within the receptacle on the triple tap outlet, so you can quickly check whether your extension cord is powered without traveling back to the outlet. 

Preventing Overheating

SJEOW cords are necessary when it comes to preventing overheating, even with several components being used at the same time. Whether you’re growing cannabis or running a crypto mining facility, you can’t afford unplanned outages. The following factors make the SJEOW cord stand out in this aspect.  

Gauge Ratings

Gauge ratings are essentially the thickness of the wire that you are using. Possible gauge ratings are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. This measurement is referred to as AWG (American Wire Gauge). Contrary to what you might think, the higher the gauge number, the lower the thickness of the wire. 

For example, a 12 AWG cord will be heavier and more expensive than a 14 AWG cord, as the diameter of the copper wire is thicker. As a result, it can handle larger loads without overheating. Higher numbers are typically used for homes and businesses, and smaller numbers are best for industrial purposes. 

Power Ratings

The amount of electricity a tool can give or take is typically measured in watts and amps. You must locate this information on the cord and appliance you’re using before plugging it in. If the tool requires more electrical power than the extension cord can give out, overheating may occur. SJEOW cords should fall between 1600-1800 watts or 13-15 amps. 

Final Thoughts on SJEOW Cords

SJEOW cords are superior to the standard SJT or SJTW alternative in several ways. While the basic extension cord on Amazon may work for infrequent use or distances less than 25 ft, you need an SJEOW cord to ensure seamless operation for any use case. 

The TPE rubber material on the exterior is exceptionally durable against coil memory and weather damage. You can rely on an SJEOW cord to hold up in various conditions throughout the year, even some of the coldest. 

These benefits make our SJEOW extension cord the perfect addition to your application. In addition to power ratings of up to 1875 watts and 15 amps, our cords are made with NEMA 5-15 molded plugs designed to check off all OSHA requirements for any use case. 

We guarantee satisfaction, offering a generous 30-day return policy without questions and a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. Our UL Listed SJEOW cord has a high-flex rating and cold weather jacket to remain movable in below-freezing temperatures, available in 50-100 ft lengths. 

It provides longevity where other cords on the market have failed. If you have struggled with faulty extension cords before, give ours a try, you will not be disappointed.

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