Premium Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter 10" x 24", Up to 1000 CFM, 1.8" Extra Thick Activated Australian Virgin Charcoal For Hydroponics and Growing

$ 155.99
  • WHY CHOOSE TERRABLOOM FILTER: To manufacture TerraBloom Carbon Filters we only use the top grade RC-48 Carbon from Western Australia. Carbon Bed in our filters is 46mm thick and machine packed with the extremely small granules - that is at least 15% more carbon than what is contained in 38mm thick Carbon Beds of most economy grade filters sold online. By Choosing TerraBloom Carbon Filters you are building a better quality filtration system with longer lifespan.
  • GROW ROOM APPLICATIONS: TerraBloom Carbon Filter is designed with years of growing experience in mind. We are not compromising on quality of the key components to make a few extra coins. Our Carbon Filter combined with a proper fan will eliminate the odors in your flower room or grow tent.
  • HOUSEHOLD APPLICATIONS: This Carbon Filter can help you filter out cigarette smoke, plant based allergens and mechanical or any other foul smells at your house, workshop, commercial space, etc.
  • VENTILATION SPECS: Rated for up to 1000 CFM, 1.8" (46mm) RC-48 virgin carbon bed, Effective for up to 24 Months Of Use.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 10 Inches (Duct Opening Diameter) by 24 Inches (Filters Length) Carbon Filter, Includes 2 Machine Washable Pre-Filters (Black and White), Factory Pre-Installed Aluminum Base and Flange. WARRANTY: This Carbon Filter is Covered by 90 Day Warranty. Contact Us through Amazon For Service.

Why Carbon is the most important part of your Air Filter?

Carbon quality grade and the thickness of the carbon bed are the 2 key elements which determine performance of any Carbon Filter. Unlike many of our competitors who use larger carbon pellets of lower grade coal, TerraBloom Carbon Filters are made exclusively with RC-48 Australian Virgin Carbon. This top quality carbon is granulated into the smallest pieces which allow for tighter packing inside the filter with less air pockets between the granules all leading to a better filtration performance. Unlike many economy grade filters, which only have the carbon bed that is 38mm thick, all TerraBloom Carbon Filters have carbon beds which are 46mm thick. This is 15% more carbon which contributes to longer life span and better odor elimination properties of our filters.

TerraBloom’s 10 Inch x 24 Inch Carbon Filter Additional Info:

  • Includes 2 Machine Washable Pre-Filters (Black and White). Please use 1 pre-filter at a time and wash them after each grow cycle.
  • Machine packed 46mm thick carbon bed for the top level performance. No more reeking smell at the end of your flower cycle.
  • Pre-installed aluminum flange and base for easier installation
  • Better quality, sleeker design and outstanding performance
  • 90-Day Warranty for any manufacturing defects

TerraBloom's Commitment to Customers

At TerraBloom we are focused on providing high-quality household air ventilation and indoor garden products at affordable prices. Our ventilation products are designed and tested for performance in a wide range of household and horticultural applications. With years of experience behind our belts, we understand the importance of proper airflow and strive to enable our customers to achieve their ventilation goals in the most efficient way possible.

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