8" 677 CFM Inline Fan With Variable Speed Controller. Centrifugal Metal Duct Blower

$ 84.99

PACKAGE CONTENTS: 8Inch Inline Fan With Built-In Variable Speed Controller (ETL Certified), Instructions Manual, 6 Foot Grounded Power Cord, Mounting Bracket for Flat Surface Mounting, Connects to 8in Ducts

HOUSEHOLD APPLICATIONS: This Powerful and Sturdy Inline Fan is Designed To Exhaust and Intake Air Through 8" Ducts in a Quick and reasonably Quiet Way. This Duct Fan is a great choice for a wide range of household tasks (Attic and Basement Ventilation, Radon, Humidity and Mold Control). This unit is what you need for set ups requiring extended ducting, Y splitters and other elements which create static air pressure

GROW ROOM APPLICATIONS: TerraBloom MDF Inline fan can be used as an Exhaust Fan in Conjunction with Carbon Air Filters (up to 8x36 size) and Intake Fan to Bring Fresh Air to Grow Rooms. Control Humidity, Excess Heat, Smell and Air Quality in Your Grow Area with the help of this unit. Sturdy Metal Design Allows for Easy Cleaning/Maintenance

VENTILATION SPECS: Airflow 677 CFM, Power 205W, Voltage 120V, Speed 2550 RPM, Current 1.75Amps. Built In Speed Controller Allows Slowing the Motor from 100% down to 50% of Max Output. For Indoor Use Only in Environment With Max Temperatures Not Exceeding 140F. This fan is not suitable for fireplace or furnace applications

WARRANTY: This Inline Fan is Covered by 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Contact Us through Amazon For Service


Pick the Right Fan For Your Application

TerraBloom MDF series is a centrifugal type inline duct fan. It's made of metal and houses a backward propeller powered by 205W motor. This fan creates a very powerful airflow, which will quickly ventilate your target space, while bringing the temperatures and humidity down and/or clean the air in the target room from smell and other pollutants through a carbon filter. MDF-series fans will handle static air pressure in its way very well. Keep in mind that with maximum air flow comes reasonable amount of "wooosh" made by the moving air, because of that we've built this model with a motor speed controller, which will allow you to select a desired level of output and the ratio between noise/airflow. The motor is adjustable between 100% to 50% of max output. MDF Series Fans are ETL certified.

TerraBloom Metal Duct Inline Fan, Model TB-MDF-8, 677 CFM, 205W


  • Heavy-Duty Metal Construction with Powerful 205W Motor Delivering 677 CFM OF AIRFLOW
  • Easy To Install With Included Metal Bracket or Mount Directly on the Carbon Filter
  • Built-In Motor Speed Control Allows Adjustment between 100%-50% of Max Motor Speed
  • Sleek Jet Black Design That Matches TerraBloom's Carbon Filters
  • ETL Certified
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects